The International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers is a service organization that helps improve members’ quality of life – both on and off the job – through access to good jobs, fair wages and quality benefits, and by building solidarity and support among all BAC members. According to the IU’s Constitution, the objectives of the Union are to:


  • Organize all masonry-trowel trades workers within BAC’s jurisdiction.
  • Promote or establish wages, hours, and working conditions for BAC members.
  • Promote or establish programs to meet the health care, retirement, unemployment, and other needs of BAC members and their families.
  • Promote the health, welfare and safety of BAC members and their families.
  • Make programs available that increase employment opportunities for BAC members.
  • Secure recognition by employers and the public of BAC’s collective bargaining rights.
  • Advance the skills, efficiency, and working knowledge of BAC members through apprenticeship and training programs.
  • · Maintain harmonious relationships with other labor organizations.
  • Advance the industries employing BAC members.
  • Improve the government’s understanding of the labor movement.
  • Engage in the legislative process on behalf of BAC members and all working families.
  • Support issues affecting the IU and BAC members through voter registration, political education, and citizenship activities involving BAC members and their families.
  • Engage in education and research activities, as appropriate.
  • Engage in appropriate legal activities to defend and advance the interests of the IU, its affiliates, and members.
  • Promote, foster, and develop BAC’s trade jurisdiction.
  • Raise public awareness of the need to improve the lives of workers around the world.
  • Protect and promote the welfare and interests of the IU, its affiliates, and members.